Upcycling workshops


Study estimates that 8 million tons of plastic waste such as food packaging and plastic bottles are dumped in the ocean each year. The cumulative quantity of waste will result in a tenfold increase in the total amount of plastic in the sea by 2020. Plastic waste affects marine wildlife such as dolphins, seals, turtles, sea birds and fish, which become entangled or choked by it. Contaminated fish and shellfish have been found everywhere from Europe, Canada and Brazil to the coast of mainland China– and plastic-eating fish are now showing up in supermarkets.

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To reflect on this enormous and increasing problematic we have developed a creative upcycling workshop during which we rise the awareness of the problem, inform about preventive actions and offer a moment where children as well as adults can explore horizons of their imagination and create something new and valuable from the plastic of every day use.


D.A.Y. at Cascoland workshops in collaboration with http://vooruitproject.nl/


The celebration of 10 years of “Urban Resort” took place in Lely, June 2017, Amsterdam. Dorota and Arta were working with children on making Sea creatures from wasted plastic.


May-June 2017  D.A.Y. was working with children from Bos en Lommer school. There was a big Opening day of the new building on 30 June.