Hello PicMAT!

D.A.Y. launches a new project PicMAT as part of the program “Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad!” (Amsterdammers, Make Your City!). The project facilitates and creates space for participation and engagement of the local community. The aim is to create a connectable, collective picnic mat by collecting discarded plastic shopping bags and reusing this material. The structure of the mat will be supported by cotton warp yarns and the design will emerge from the collected material.
The goal of the PicMAT project is to connect inhabitants of the neighborhood as well as to rediscover and exchange the knowledge about the traditional craft of handloom weaving in different cultures. The collective action will raise awareness about the impact of plastic waste and lead to a performative picnic in Bos en Lommer organized by Cascoland and D.A.Y. The project is made possible by the professional help of the weaving master Evelin de Wit.

“Urban resort” by D.A.Y.


“Urban resort” is a site specific performative video. This work is reflecting on the fully changed environments in the city of Amsterdam where commercial and artistic spheres merge in a surrealistic outcome. The performance done in the nostalgic landscape on the edge of two worlds: broedplats Lely and new offices. In this story there is a way to escape the sense of a burden by neglecting the everyday duties. “The One time use” ideology is heavily present by giving another meaning to those objects, creating a playground out of building materials.

a DAY at Stedelijk

DAY performing at the Stedelijk museum during The Living Museum (28.05.2017) inspired by a work from the Stedelijk collection – Blue Red Rocker (1963) by Ellsworth Kelly.

Ellsworth Kelly explained his own work in 1996 by stating the following: “I think what we all want from art is a sense of fixity, a sense of opposing the chaos of daily living. This is an illusion, of course. Canvas rots. Paint changes color. But you keep trying to freeze the world as if you could make it last forever. In a sense, what I’ve tried to capture is the reality of flux, to keep art an open, incomplete situation, to get at the rapture of seeing.”

A natural, physical continuation of the Rocker – a movement based performance, reaction to the sculpture through the body movement. We were interested in the space that the sculpture creates – the illusion of a triangle while the sculpture has only 2 surfaces. Interpretation of the balance is a triggering aspect of this work, so we developed it through the movement and interactions with each other and the audience. Starting with rush and chaoes, serving as “tranquillizers”. The movement of leaning on the other person, including people from the audience, created the imagined movement back and forward evoked by the sculpture.