The Mountain

A constantly transforming landscape of broedplaats Lely brings DAY outside the gallery space during the Museum Night. A possibility to catch the rapid changes of the urban scenery that are not dependant on the artists keep the unpredictability of the outcome. Every day the body of the mountain was created by constructors. Every evening this shape was being explored and altered by the bodies of DAY.

De Apple gallery during the Museum Night, Amsterdam (04.11.2017)

Photographer Christopher Pugmier



Weaving is acknowledged as one of the oldest crafts in the world. Handloom weaving is a technique belonging to many cultures and appealing by approach and styles of patterns.

The international features of Bos en Lommer neighborhood give the possibilities for exchange of knowledge and experiences. Weaving has the sentimental value for many people and brings back memories.

Nowadays people have so little free time that they don’t dare to share it randomly. Weaving is a moment in time to spend on untraditional for modern times activity that you do in order to relax, meet new people while doing a very odd action for nowadays – weaving from plastic, reminding a labour from the past (which

is actually still a widespread in India, China, Turkey and many other countries). While doing it for joy this activity calms your speed. It is repetitive. The action of hands is the same yet the pattern is transforming in front of your eyes. You are not obliged to communicate, yet it can happen naturally a conversation around is being created. The weaved lines become your ‘continuation’ of someone’s else lines weaved before you. PiCMAT sessions oppose contemporary virtual social meeting platforms.

The language of PiCMAT weaving is universal. You are not obliged to come again but you are very welcome. Whether you are up to or not, you can use the time for weaving based on personal decision of communicating.